What is DNA.


Today I will tell you some interesting thing that what our cell contain inside and what is the basic unit that is responsible for transmission of genetic materials, characters from parents to offspring. How a person is the same as his parents, and his relatives.

Allah created a man with a clot of blood, and create much more food, land, and water for survival. Today I am going to discuss genetics which may a very interesting topic to discuss. This is present on the chromosomes and chromosomes are present in the nucleus of a cell, mainly in human beings. During fertilization 23 chromosomes of a mother and 23 chromosomes of the father are intermixed together to form 46 chromosome of a child, there are many genes responsible for inheriting characters from parents to child as during this many of characters are inherited from mother and father to child. Even on DNA, there is everything written of a person.

Hair color, skin color, way of walking, way of talking, speeching, thinking, eye color, height, health, each and every character of child present on DNA which is inherited from parents to offsprings.
The study of genes is called genetics and their transformation from parents to a child is called inheritance. This is very important for reproduction, as to increase members of species. Whenever there is something wrong or some problem occurs during this inheritance of chromosomes this is called mutation. And this mutation cause diseases and these diseases when appeared has no treatment.

Mutation can be occurred by deletion, inversion or replacement of any of one chromosome out of 46. So there is no cure treatment for it because it is the mutation occurs during fertilization.
DNA is the main part of the cell which carry all the information of life, infections in of case virus, all the life depends on DNA, because everything, you behave, walk, talk, eat, way of thinking each and everything, DNA is responsible, thanks to Allah Almighty that he created this ting practice and give 100000 of functions to DNA.

All diseases which are genetically caused, or by the mutation of chromosomes can cause reproductive, sexual, circulatory disordered, etc and they are not cured 100% because DNA is a very tiny particle and genes which are present on them are responsible for 10000 of functions of human which are discussed above. Allah created this man from a clot of blood and HE created this world amazingly beautiful. He created different chromosomes for different species which are variable in number for every species.


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