Have good manners

Politeness conveys respect and thoughtfulness to others.

Give respect

Show special respect to your elders and always refer them to as Mr. or Mrs./Ms.
Table manners are also important. sit up straight, keep your elbows off the table, and do not smack or slurp.

Keep your promises

People with good personalities are the most reliable and trustworthy. If you tell someone you will do something do not make excuses just follow through so they know they can depend on you.
For instance, if you have a meeting or a plane meetup arrive 5 minutes before time. This will show that you were respectful of other’s time.

Be ready to help others

Always look for little opportunities to help others.
If someone is carrying heavy stuff go and share their load.
If an old person enters a bus offer your seat.

Smile more often

Smiling reflects a confident and cheerful personality.
Greet everyone with a smile. People will see you as friendly and kind if you smile when you see them.
Be ready to shake hands or hug when appropriate.

Improve your conversation skills

Read something every day.
Improving your knowledge is an important part of improving your personality. Keep up with the current news by reading a few articles on your phone or read a chapter or two from a novel.

Be a good listener

When others are speaking listen to understand them do not wait until they finish so you can respond but genuinely pay attention to what they are saying.

Put your phone down

Do not use your phone when you are in a gathering or having a meal. You will be much better received if you are engaged with those around you as compared to scrolling down your timeline.

Meet new people

Meeting new people can help teach you more about others and build your social skills.

Make time for your hobbies

Most fun people aren’t those who watch movies all day but those who go out and do fun and productive things. For instance, you can go swimming or cycling.

Maintain a healthy diet

Improve your personality and mood by eating healthy foods, fruit, in particular, has been proven to help increase motivation so make sure to munch some fruits daily.

Say your prayers

Saying prayers is an excellent way of reflecting what you are grateful for in your life.
Spend time with your family and friends.
Staying beside people who love you and whom you love is develops a feeling of wellbeing.

Stay motivated

Set goals for yourself and stay motivated to become the best version of yourself.
Set short term goals in the beginning like working out three times a week.

Learn new skills

Trying something new will help you improve your work ethic which is important to improve personality. Identify something you want to learn or improve upon and start to work on it soon.

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