How To Resize Partition in Windows 10 without data loss.

Resize Partition

How To Resize Partition in Windows 10 without data loss.

Sometimes when you bought a new laptop or PC your system has only one partition that possesses windows material data. The user wants to create new partition that could arrange their data easily. The user is really worried about how I can manage partitions because it may be loss my data or damage the system windows. So now you do not need to worry about it. I brought for all of you a solution for this problem. This article will help you to resize or create new partitions from existing one partition. At the end of this article you can easily understand by watching tutorial video. Let’s start and follow us step by step.

  1. Step: First of all go to desktop and right-click on the PC icon (Personal Computer in Windows 10) from the menu click Manage option. Click Disk Management under Storage from the Computer Management window.
  2. Step: Now you have to Open Disk Management you can Click it  (Disk Management) under Storage from the Computer Management window.
  3. Step: Now this is the window you want to manage your PC Partition. You see a partition that you want to resize or create from it new partitions, So right now you are starting your job right-click on it (a Partition) and from the menu select Shrink Volume option.
  4. Step: In the appearing window (Shrink Drive) Input your desire space (storage) what you want to change. please note that the amount of space you want to enter must be in the unit of MB (e.g if you want to shrink 20 GB from the given volume, you should input 20480) okay now click Shrink button. A new drive have created with Unallocated option.
  5. Step: Right Click on Unallocated drive select the option New Simple Volume. A new window will appear “welcome to the New Simple Volume” click on Next. Again Next repeat three times Next.
  6. Step: At the end click on Finish.

To Watch Tutorial Video:

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