How To Take Care Of Your Laptop Battery Health.

How To Take Care Of Your Laptop Battery Health.

In these following tips i am going to show you how to take care of your laptop battery health in simple words, hope you carefully read and understand.


Overcharging will kill your laptop battery life so when your laptop battery full then remove it from the charging plug. Don not keep your laptop battery plugged in all the time.

Charging and working on laptop.

When your laptop battery charging complete then don not charge again till when your charging go dawn and cross 20% of the battery. In this situation do not use your laptop while your laptop is plug in and charging otherwise this kind of using will damage your laptop battery health. If you always work while connected with charger plug, the battery doesn’t discharge but your laptop battery’s life span will reduced with time.

Protect your power adapters.

 Do not snatch or pull the cord from a power outlet or from the laptop when its plugged in and charging your laptop.

Full Brightness.

Don’t work on full brightness, maintain the brightness keep it in the safe range because it will damage both your eyesight and laptop battery life.

Shut Down and Sleep Mode.

The most important thing to remember that when you are not using your laptop and you put it in your bag  make sure you  have to first shut dawn it. If you are working  and just for few mints you want to take break you should keep your laptop in sleep mode because by shut down again and again your laptop can be burden on your laptop battery.

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