How to Use CST Microwave Studio for the First Time

CST Microwave Studio

How to Use CST Microwave Studio for the First Time

In the previous article we introduced you CST Studio Suite. Now we are getting started with CST Microwave studio for beginners. This article is very important for all those students who want to learn the use of CST Microwave Studio suite for the first time.



Perform the following procedure to opening CST Microwave studio for the first time. We will use the first Module (CST MICROWAVE STUDIO).

STEP-1: Click on “MW & RF & OPTICAL” option.

STEP-2: Then click on” Antennas”option and the click next

STEP-3: Select a “wave-guide” option in workflow and then click next

STEP-4: Now click on “time domain” option and then click next.

STEP-5: The  units box  will appear we will use dimensions in “cm” and frequencies in “GHz”  and then click next.

STEP-6: Select “setting, as for rectangular wave-guide  “f min=0 GHz” and “f max=14 GHz”. Then mark on E-field, H-field and far-field click next.

STEP-7: Last now click on “Finish” and a Window will appear as:

CST Studio Suite

Most students have a problem How to install CST Studio Suite, The process is little bit too lengthy maybe but we made a video for you that will help you could easily install it.

To watch now:

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