The Kashmir Issue

The Kashmir Issue

The Kashmir Issue


Kashmir could be a mountainous region, that enjoys a really vital Geo-political state of affairs. It’s encircled by West Pakistan within the west and China embraces it within the East. Its northern fringes bit the borders of Asian country too. The world is known for its extra-ordinary natural beauty and resources. Presently, the northern and western sides of the region are occupied by West Pakistan whereas the southern and Japanese elements are controlled by the Indian Union. For over six decades, the region has been wasted by confrontations between the 2 countries. Each Asian nation and West Pakistan are nuclear powers and within the case of another shooting war between them; The complete landmass together with Kashmir could also be destroyed. Presently, it’s at the diplomatic hyper purpose of the bilateral relationships between the 2 countries.

Pre-History of the Conflict:

The British Indian Empire was shaped of many princely states unfold everywhere the Indian landmass. Once the globe War II, once a people finally determined to bring their rule to associate finish, the fate of those princely states was brought underneath scrutiny. The Princely states were currently imagined to be part of either Asian nation or Asian country once a people authorities leave.

Finally in June, 1947, a people accepted Asian country set up. However the Hindu Maharajah Sir Hari Singh (the ruling monarch of the erstwhile princely state of Kashmir) was hesitant to affix either Asian country or Asian nation. However, the census of 1941 shows that nearly seventy seven of the population of Cashmere was comprised of Muslims (Das 264). Since the Maharajah had acceded to neither facet till the formation of Asian nation and Asian country in August, 1947, Asian country determined to act on communal lines. In October, 1947, Asian country invaded Cashmere and captured its northern and western components. On the Maharajahs request and accession to Asian nation, the authorities in urban center currently reacted by causation troops to the region and Pakistani advances were inactive before long. Thus, the southern and Jap components of the region were preserved within the Indian Union and implanted because the state of Jammu and Cashmere.

Causes of the Conflict:

To understand the causes of the conflict, the historic Partition of Asian country has got to be documented. Below British Rule, Indian landmass was in the main thickly settled by the 2 major non secular teams, Hindus and Muslims. The 2 communities had friendly relationships and that they offered a united struggle to attain independence from British Rule throughout the half of the Nineteenth Century. However undercurrents of tension between the 2 communities became forceful with the lapse of your time. Diplomacy between All Asian country Muslim League and Indian National Congress (the 2 major political powers of the undivided India) culminated at widespread communal tension and violence throughout the Nineteen Thirties and early Nineteen Forties. Consequently, the stupendous task of partitioning Asian country became inevitable. When the Partition in 1947, Asian nation emerged as a Muslim dominated state whereas Asian country emerged as a profane, democratic country and therefore the province of geographic area, that is located at the border of the 2 countries, got tangled and entrapped between them.

The Current State of Affairs:

With the lapse of your time, West Pakistan has shown tendencies towards Military Rule and autocratic governance. On many occasions, Bharat has alleged that West Pakistan has sponsored the various terrorist organizations in Cashmere. On the opposite hand, West Pakistan affirmatively sticks to its policy of extending ‘moral support’ to the separatists in Cashmere. The innocent folks are being ill-used by baneful separatist info. Confrontations between Indian military and armed separatists have caused immense loss of property, money, and lives thus far. Moreover, the specter of Al Base and religious movement has created true additional sophisticated and dangerous during this a part of the planet.


Kashmir issue has been the first explanation for diplomatic, political, and military standoff between Republic of India and Asian country. Of late, each the edges are showing interest to start bilateral talks once more. Per Farah Ibrahim, the answer of the problem lies in an exceedingly planned conflict Resolution (Ibrahim 289). The thanks to this conflict resolution lies within the ways of psychological intervention. Psychological perspective of the matter is additional advice than its military, political, and diplomatic dimensions and interpretations. In contrast to the “sharp rise within the ideal of Hindu nationalism”, answer to geographic area issue lies within the acceptance of the very fact that the common Kashmiris should live a standard and peaceful life.

Republic of India and Asian country each should step to the fore to eradicate the terrorist organizations purposeful in geographic area, and continue the bilateral talks. The boldness building measures should be initiated meaningfully. During this approach, by mutual goodwill, the political authorities of Republic of India and Asian country will bring peace to the doomed province.

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