Trade War China-USA | USA cut ties with Huawei

Trade War China-USA

Trade War China-USA Huawei Android Ban by Google temporarily

After Trump has ordered Google to ban on the world’s second-largest smartphone maker HUAWEI from using its Android operating system. Chinese  Huawei Company are now developing their own Operating systems. The US commerce department former deputy director Chris Garcia CEO at Vicar Financial Inc said that this time we are dealing with trillions of dollars and national security have got suppliers to Huawei sach as suspending business after the ban in the united states. These are companies like Intel, Qualcomm mobile technology. The trading relationship is like a bad contract with your cable provider. Google reportedly cutting ties with the Chinese telecom client. China will not have access to parts of google’s android operating platform, the future versions of Huawei’s smartphones that run on android will lose access to the popular services like G-mail and YouTube.

So google, even though among those tech companies that have been entrenched in china, it too pulling back from Huawei. Google, that is the hay maker. That is the hammer that’s being dropped any US software that users that are using a Huawei device or used to having available at their fingertips, they won’t be able to use those.  They supply product to Huawei and they two do business back and forth. Absolutely this will impact earnings in the US market. There is a trade story here, a National Security issue around Beijing and obviously this president is not backing down. This will be a problem for the economy in the U.S markets that need to brace, brace for a long and extended negotiation process. China has kicked they can down the road, tried to run the clock out on previous administrations. This time they’re trying to run the clock out on the trump administration.

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