What are the Uses and Abuses of Computer

What are the Uses and Abuses of Computer

Uses & Abuses of Computer

The word computer means counting, in history the computer was first discovered for the sake of counting. Later on, it has been advanced and used for the purpose of storage of different types of documents using the internet playing games watching movies save pictures, etc. Computer has many purposes many people use it for storage and saving of different types of official documents many people used it for playing games and also some people use it for the purpose of watching movies and saving pictures etc.

There are some uses and abuses of computer the uses which I have briefly discussed above and abuses include wastage of time wastage of energy and money. These uses and abuses are elaborated below.

The computer is an official device which facilitates mainly the people who say a lot of documents on the computer, who are unable to write such huge documents. A computer is a machine which can be able to write a huge amount of documents in a very less time. So it is contributed a lot in saving of time but most of the people waste their time using computers by playing useless games and watching movies all the time on computer it comes under the category of abuse and negative use of a computer.

The computer is very important for a student because it is accessible to the internet and students mostly can watch their study lectures on the computer on the internet.  But most of the people who don’t know the correct use of computer use the internet wrongly and they mainly watch different types of useless videos instead of their lectures. Some people use a computer for the sake of killing time because they have nothing to do so that they set on the computer and watch different types of useless videos on computers and West India time money on the internet as well as their energy.

Medical students mostly used computer alerts for their medical purposes because a computer can generate different types of images, for example, x-ray, MRI, CT scan and different types of many other tests which are taken place with the help of a computer. So this comes under the positive use of computers but most of the medical students also use computers to use purpose bye buy watch in different types of movies and games so this should be avoided and students should use the computer for their benefits.

In the conclusion, I would like to say that a computer is a device which facilitates us so that we should get the maximum benefit from the computer rather than make it a device to waste our time and waste our energy and money. I would like to recommend to the students that we should use computer after their studies it means that when they are free they are able to use computer and they should use computer but if they have studies and they know that they cannot afford to waste time so in that moments student should avoid using computer. Because it will waste his time and it will affect his studies and grades and nationally the future of the country.

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