COMPUTER SIMULATION TECHNOLOGY (CST) STUDIO SUITE offers accurate, efficient computational solutions for electromagnetic design and analysis. Our 3D EM (Electromagnetic) simulation software is user-friendly and enables you to choose the most appropriate method for the design and optimization of devices operating in a wide range of frequencies. It is also offers a wide range of EM (Electromagnetic) simulation software to address design challenges across the EM (Electromagnetic) spectrum, from static and low frequency to microwave and RF (Radio Frequency), for a range of applications, including EDA (Electric Dipole Antenna) & electronics, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) & EMI (Electromagnetic interference) and charged particle dynamics. The most important feature of CST’s product range is CST STUDIO SUITE. This contain CST’s complete set of 3D EM (Electromagnetic) simulation tools along with a number of related products dedicated to more specific design areas such as cable harnesses, PCB’s (Printed Circuit Board) and EM(Electromagnetic)/circuit co-simulation. As well as simulation tools, CST also offers CST BOARD CHECK which is imported layout that automatically checked in order to correct  compact models and potential geometric errors, a PCB rule-checking program that reads popular board files and examines them against SI (Signal Integrity) and EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) design rules.

CST’s tools used to design for optimization of devices operating in a wide range of frequencies static to optical. Analyses may include thermal and mechanical effects as well as circuit simulation. CST STUDIO benefits and advantages from an IDE (integrated design environment) which gives access to the entire range of solver technology. System assembly and modeling facilitates multi-physics and co-simulation of entire electromagnetic systems. CST can also offer considerable product to market advantages such as shorter development cycles, virtual prototyping before physical trials and optimization instead of experimentation.

Antenna Magus design software which significantly simplifies the antenna design process by enabling access to a large database of antennas parameters  that can be exported to CST MICROWAVE STUDIO. The simulation tools are used in leading industries across fields such as Automotive, Aerospace (Atmosphere and outer space considered as a whole), Communication, Defense, Electronics, Energy and Healthcare. Also the The simulation tools are used in order to design, analyze plus optimize performance, reliability, electromagnetic compatibility and signal/power integrity.

This Software CST offers solvers for the whole spectrum from statics up to optical frequencies, as well as Multi physics solvers for thermal, mechanical and particle effects. Among the devices the products that have been used to simulate are Coupler (mechanical components that connects two things), Filters, Connectors, Antennas, PCBs, Packages, Waveguides, Travelling wave tubes, Photonics devices, Solar panels, Sensors, Actuators, Electrical machines, SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar), MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) coils and cable harnesses. The electromagnetic simulation software CST STUDIO is a final climactic stage of many years of research and development into the most accurate and efficient computational solutions for electromagnetic designs.

CST STUDIO SUITE contain the following modules:

  1. CST MICROWAVE STUDIO(CST MWS) is the tool use for the fast and Precise 3D simulation of high frequency  in TD Time Domain simulation. It also enables the of antennas, filters, couplers, planar and multi-layer structures and SI and EMC effects.
  2. CST EM STUDIO(CST EMS) is an easy to use tool for the design and analysis of static and low frequency EM applications such as motors, sensors, actuators, transformers.
  3. CST PARTICLE STUDIO(CST PS) has been developed for the fully reliable simulation of free moving charged particles. Applications include electron guns, cathode ray tubes.
  4. CST CABLE STUDIO(CST CS) for the simulation of signal integrity and EMC or EMI analysis of cable harnesses.
  5. CST PCB STUDIO(CST PCBS) for the simulation of signal integrity and EMC or EMI on printed circuit boards (PCB).
  6. CST M PHYSICS STUDIO(CST MPS) is use for thermal and mechanical stress analysis.
  7. CST DESIGN STUDIO(CST DS) is a changeable tool that facilitates 3D EM/circuit co-simulation and synthesis.




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